We all have a part to play in building the future. We take ours seriously.

The move towards sustainability is a growing urgency for all our stakeholders, driven not just by changing regulations and customer demand, but moral imperative – and with logistics under a global spotlight, it’s clear that it’s not just the building itself that matters.

There’s now a renewed focus on supply chains, local communities and wellbeing – all of which comes with the responsibility to be a positive force in the logistics industry and around the world.

At GLP, it’s our mission to support the industry in its drive towards net zero emissions, and we’re proud to be pioneers in our goals to achieve this. Whether that’s using 20% less energy to manufacture concrete than traditional processes, or promoting biodiversity by planting local varieties of trees, our projects across Europe all start with an ESG focus in mind.

Our strategy is a process of constant discovery. That’s why we need a bold vision, next-generation thinking, and a commitment to collaboration to make it work – and why we need our customers on the journey with us.

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Sustainable building environment

We are committed to achieving high-quality environmental certification for every single new development we carry out. Plus, we have selected nine UN Sustainable Development Goals that are the most relevant to our business and are working to implement these in our daily activities.

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Social engagement creating better communities

We pride ourselves on being long-term members of local communities, striving to meet the needs of those close to our buildings, as well as partners who visit and work in them. We aim to ensure that our presence comes to benefit the area in which we develop.

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Governance through high-ethics and transparency

We are transparent, always accountable, and govern everything we do with honesty and integrity. We are actively working to meet and exceed our ratings within the industry benchmark, GRESB, that assesses ESG performance.

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Sustainability through technology

Our warehouses are built with transformative technology in mind, ready for innovations such as smart lighting and metering. We know that smarter warehousing is key to sustainability, and that’s why we’re constantly reviewing and rigorously checking the feasibility of new advancements in our buildings, such as AI and IoT.

Planet Mark Property Certification

We have partnered with Planet Mark to provide support to our UK customers in measuring and improving their carbon footprints. Their process of goal setting and data driven improvements brings a smart and deliberate approach to reducing emissions, and we are proud to work with them to empower our customers to do the same.

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GLP’s ESG policy is a plan of action in the real world: the built as well as natural environment. Discover how we are delivering tangible results every day by going the extra mile for the environment, our communities and our people.

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