We believe our local market expertise and proximity to customers, as well as a deep understanding of industry trends on a global stage, delivers the best risk-adjusted returns for our stakeholders.

Benefit from our consistent approach to quality, risk assessment and sustainability

A proactive approach to asset management

We have significant experience in portfolio-enhancing initiatives, with our in-house asset management teams driving property performance and value for both customers and investors.

Ethically-minded operations

ESG is becoming central to asset management, and it is already at the heart of our philosophy. We share our environmental commitments and actively engage with our counterparties, pushing boundaries to continuously improve standards.

Best-in-class customer experience

From the first discussions leading to a lease agreement, and throughout your entire occupancy, a GLP colleague will be your single point of contact to ensure an excellent experience with us. We value our global network.

Continuous investment in performance

As owners, managers and operators, we continue to improve our facilities and find new ways to help our customers be more efficient and cost effective in their operations.

Pioneering sustainability

We continually use the latest technology to reduce energy consumption, operating costs and carbon emissions, ensuring we’re at the forefront of sustainable logistics.

We identify new ways of building, managing and exploring measures that will benefit the environment and the portfolio.

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