A prime location for logistics

Lelystad Airport Business Park (LAB) forms part of the Amsterdam region. Its location by the highways, railroads, waterways and airways, makes the (municipality of) Lelystad a unique and fine business location for logistic companies. It also lies on the central logistic axis from Amsterdam to Northern Germany and Scandinavia. Over 170 million consumers reside within a 500 kilometer radius of Lelystad Airport Businesspark.

The function as logistic hub will be consolidated in the coming period, thanks to the widening of the A 6 highway, the development of the container port Flevokust, and the development of Amsterdam Lelystad Airport.


Lelystad Airport Business Park lies in the area between the A6, N727, and N302 highways and Lelystad Airport. Primary access to the site is through a direct connection to the A6 (finished Q 1 2021). First phase of the N 727 ( is realized and connected to the N 302 and to the Airport. Several secondary roads and waterways on Businesspark.

The central geographical position of the Netherlands, combined with its accessibility and an excellent infrastructure, are only some of the reasons why numerous European, American, and Asian companies have established their facilities in the Netherlands. Access to your customers will be fast, easy, and convenient.

Our impartial international image in the world is also a benefit for Netherlands-based businesses.

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Gemma van Kessel

Senior Asset Manager - Netherlands

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