Logistics environments that provide a great place to work.

Our new sites provide attractive modern architecture, well-lit areas, and low-density landscaped developments with high levels of biodiversity, including tree planting and apiaries, to create a healthy, productive workplace for you and your team.

Our teams offer tailor-made solutions designed according to a customer’s specific needs, delivering built-to-suit buildings designed and carefully constructed to meet exact requirements.

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Attractive working environment

GLP buildings are designed with wellbeing in mind, promoting attractive work environments.

Quality office fitout

Reflects well on your own brand and provides great office accommodation.

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Maintained landscape

The landscaping within our Parks are maintained all year round, providing safe and accessible spaces for those that work there and to our local communities.

Bees, apiaries & honey production

Many of our sites incorporate apiaries, which contribute to boosting local biodiversity and are a source for GLP Honey production. We call them G-Hives.

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Other services

We are constantly innovating and excited to be announcing soon a new Truck Park at our Magna Park Lutterworth and a new Innovation centre designed for small businesses.


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