Our bee hotels

Here at GLP, we have procured the services of professional beekeepers The Honeybee Man Ltd to install apiaries across our network of sites in the UK. Their role is to maintain the health and welfare of our bees and manage the production of delicious, local honey. Our first apiary was installed at our Milton Keynes site and is thriving!

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Honey production

Keeping bees is rewarding in a number of ways, but delicious honey is certainly one of the greatest rewards. We are extremely pleased with how the honeybee colonies on all of our sites have grown, and with the huge amount of honey they have produced this year.

The importance of bees

If bees didn’t exist, humans couldn’t exist either. The honeybee is the most important of them all and it’s vital we protect them. Honeybees populate the world of pollinating insects more than any other bee or insect on Earth, making them the most crucial pollinator of crops across the globe.

Imagine a world without bees. Many plants rely on the pollination from bees, and simply wouldn’t survive without them. This would impact the diets of all living creatures, including humans.

Our beekeepers

Meet Andre, our resident bee farmer, and The Honey Bee Man himself. Andre is passionate about bees and has years of beekeeping experience. As a 13-year-old growing up in Kent, he spent most of his spare time keeping bees on the farm grounds of his school.