Time to market is critical for our customers. Once a decision for a new logistics facility is made, it needs to be operational as quickly as possible.

That’s why we are continually striving to do things better, quicker and smarter, and why we’ve created G-Track: an intelligent build system woven into every GLP project as standard to help clients get operational fast, without compromising on quality.

A typical G-Track timeline

50,000 SQ M Warehouse

G-track development
Estimated build time – 24 weeks
Standard development
Estimated build time – 32 weeks

Phase 1

Cut and fill, earthworks, infrastructure and ground stabilisation

Phase 2


Phase 3

Steel erection –
dual direction

Phase 4

Wall and roof cladding

Phase 5

Dock door/levellers

Phase 6

Internal warehouse floor
concrete slab pour

Phase 7

Warehouse M&E

Phase 8

Office base build

Phase 9

External areas,
concrete yard slab pour

Phase 10

Office fit out

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