With a team comprised of leading industry experts from global hyperscale and data centre operators, GLP’s global presence, the capital-raising, investment and asset management expertise of GLP Capital Partners, and nearly a gigawatt of capacity, Ada Infrastructure aims to build the sustainable future of digital infrastructure.

In 2023, GLP announced the launch of Ada Infrastructure, a new global data centre business founded on a commitment to being a positive force for technology, people, and the planet.

Serving the digital infrastructure needs of hyperscale companies and large global enterprises, Ada Infrastructure launches with 850 megawatts (MW) of secured IT capacity across Japan, the UK and Brazil, and nearly 1.5 gigawatts (GW) of total future capacity.

Backed by a world-class team of trusted industry leaders, GLP’s global presence, and the capital-raising, investment and asset management expertise of GLP Capital Partners, Ada Infrastructure is positioned to lead the industry in reliable, safe, secure, and sustainable digital infrastructure.

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Service benefits


Building a greener future for data centres with holistic, thoughtful design that is ready for tomorrow.

Health & Safety

Success should never come at a human price. By rooting every aspect of our business in safe labour practices, we put our people first.


In addition to physical security, as cyber threats evolve and grow, our operations are designed to stay one step ahead and ensure customer safety.


Many years of industry experience and expertise have equipped us to offer unmatched industry intelligence and forge lasting customer relationships.


As the backbone of our digital infrastructure, our data centres adhere to the latest in best practices to ensure five-nines reliability.


Demand for digital infrastructure is only increasing, and we have the footprint, network and capacity to deliver.

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