Creating a sustainable legacy

Achieving Planet Mark certification recognises a dedication to continuous improvement towards net-zero operations, includes environmental assessments and reporting, while also providing ways to strengthen ESG compliance and set credible goals towards further developments.

At GLP, we set ourselves very high standards when it comes to protecting and supporting the communities in which we operate. As business builders and investors, we have a unique opportunity to embed sustainability across our buildings and beyond.

Our strategy is a process of constant improvement. That’s why we need a bold vision, shared ambition, and a commitment to collaboration to make it work – and why we need our customers on the journey with us.

We are delighted to work with Planet Mark, and to offer to pay for an introductory two years of their Property Certification Program for our customers.

By committing to the two-year programme, you will receive:

Measurement support

Data collection spreadsheets will be provided and discussed on an initial setup call with a member of the Planet Mark Certification team. Ongoing support will be available throughout the data collection and submission process. You will receive a carbon footprint report and certificate for the building you operate in.

Engagement support

Free sustainability advisory services, including 1-to-1 carbon clinics, topic or geography based round tables, and specific tools or guides with sustainability tips, to help upskill and inspire your staff. Access to Planet Mark Community platform to collaborate and communicate with fellow members.

Communication support

Provision of the Planet Mark logo and marketing and communication assets. Includes physical materials to display in buildings, case studies highlighted through Planet Mark social media channels and cumulative carbon reduction reports.

The decade of action

The period leading up to 2030 is considered to be the most important period for tackling the climate emergency and biodiversity breakdown. If we take action now, we will do much to avert these unfolding crises and have a planet that is fit for us and our future generations.

Together, we can create buildings that future generations will recognise for pushing boundaries at this critical moment for us and the planet.

Sign up for your complimentary two-year certification to Planet Mark, courtesy of GLP

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As the logistics industry grows, its impact on and role within local communities will too.

That’s why we are so committed to contributing to the communities we operate within, building meaningful, productive and sustainable relationships.

We hope you will join us on this journey.

Molly Cosgrove

Account Manager - Planet Mark - United Kingdom


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