Birds-eye-view of GLP Bratislava Business Zone showing multiple large warehouses and dual carriageway

Welcome to GLP’s groundbreaking development project near Bratislava Airport, Slovakia. We are thrilled to announce our plans to create one of the most modern and vibrant commercial zones in the region.

GLP Bratislava Business Zone aims to redefine the commercial landscape, providing an unparalleled environment for businesses to thrive and prosper. With its strategic location near Bratislava Airport, this development promises to be a gateway to new opportunities, seamlessly connecting local and international markets. Our vision is to establish a dynamic ecosystem that attracts a diverse range of industries, from logistics and manufacturing to technology and services.

GLP Bratislava Business Zone will consist of five single-storey, low-energy buildings that will be environmentally friendly and maximize the potential of renewable resources. The buildings will have the ability to be used as a sales showroom, for technological development and research, or for robotic logistics. This cutting-edge project will boost the placemaking concept, combining technologically advanced warehouses with e-commerce showrooms and green space, which is open to the public, and taking traditional logistics projects to the next level.

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Strategic Logistics Hub: Connecting Central Europe with Speed and Precision

7 km (0:15h) → City Centre

85 km (1:00h) → Vienna

145 km (1:30h) → Brno

210 km (2:10h) → Budapest

430 km (4:20h) → Košice

Gateway to Efficiency

With Bratislava Airport right on our doorstep, you’ll enjoy seamless access to global airfreight routes, ensuring efficient transportation of goods to international markets. This strategic advantage reduces lead times, allowing you to meet your customers’ demands with utmost speed and reliability.

The neighbouring retail park provides numerous dining options, retail outlets, and recreational facilities, offering a convenient and enjoyable experience during breaks and after work. This combination of work and lifestyle amenities promotes a healthy work-life balance, contributing to increased employee satisfaction and retention.


GLP Bratislava Business Zone benefits from a skilled workforce readily available in the surrounding area. The proximity to Bratislava and its neighboring regions ensures a talent pool with diverse expertise in logistics and related industries. This pool of skilled professionals will support your operations, helping you build a capable and efficient team to drive your logistics center’s success.

15 min drive time – 122 946 people
30 min drive time – 376 598 people

Much more than a building

Automated building controls

Staff & building security

Dedicated CCTV

Guard House

Maintained private roads

Prominent signage

Environmental performance

Well maintained buildings

24hr helpline

Flexible building design

Safe working environments

Access control

Fire safety

Smart metering

Grey water systems

Renewable energy

Attractive working environment

Quality office fitout

Pedestrian safe walking

Maintained landscape

Tree planting

High levels of biodiversity


LED lighting

Natural lighting

Global Robotics Services

Designated Estate Manager

Community fun day

Local business partnerships

Nature trail

Outdoor amenity area

Country park

Footpaths & bridleways

Public transport

Parking spaces

Bike shelters

Lorry park

Shuttle bus

Exceptional transport links

Alice Bílková

Business Development Manager - Czech Republic & Slovakia

+420 608 434 215