Portrait of Rachel Walker, General Counsel & Chief Administrative Officer for GLP Europe

Rachel Walker

General Counsel & Chief Administrative Officer – Europe

“We value our reputation for conducting business with honesty. We tirelessly strive to maintain this reputation as it is the foundation for the confidence placed in us by our customers, clients and others. Put simply, it is good for business.

At GLP we pride ourselves on being a disciplined, robustly-governed organisation, which at the same time has retained its entrepreneurial spirit. We empower our colleagues to operate within a framework — a framework that we have worked hard to ensure achieves the right balance between on the one hand allowing our teams to operate at pace on the ground, and on the other, managing and minimising risk for our stakeholders.

As well as operating with agility and urgency, it is also of critical importance that we operate with integrity. The management team’s commitment to this is central to our reputation as a company that will always do the right thing. We never put short-term commercial gain ahead of long-term preservation of reputation”.

Stringent standards are necessary for enterprises to keep their trust with the communities they operate in.
That's why we are committed to upholding our governance standards, ensuring an enduring business that does the right thing for everyone.

Fair treatment of colleagues and partners

Our good governance is based on a respect for people, focused on a positive work environment, fair wages and a business where everyone can thrive

Zero tolerance to bribery and corruption

We have strengthened our conflict management processes and continue to make our rules against bribery and corruption stronger

Environment and waste management

Respect for the environment and ensuring the responsible use and disposal of materials and processes for our builds is always top of our agenda

Legal compliance

We have increased our transparency so our stakeholders and investors can always see our responsible management

Health and Safety

We’re constantly monitoring and strengthening our approach to health and safety across GLP, from builds to office management

We live and breathe our vision, mission and values


To be the logistics property company of choice for customers and investors across the world.


Drive value for customers, communities and stakeholders through our global platform, talented colleagues and dedication to exceptional service.



We are a trusted partner who delivers on its promises.


We are transparent, responsible, and inclusive.


We are authentic leaders who make positive contributions.


We see opportunities, make smart decisions, and execute quickly.


We are entrepreneurial, innovative, and accountable.

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