As the logistics industry grows, its impact on and role within local communities will too. That’s why we are so committed to contributing to the communities we operate within, building meaningful, productive and long-lasting relationships.

How we are helping communities

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Creating jobs

Our sites create jobs, becoming exciting hubs of employment. We are also working with local schools and universities to create training that gives local talent the tools to thrive in logistics, and setting up a future of new job opportunities.

Driving sustainability

We lead by setting an example and showing communities that the practices on our sites can be replicated in surrounding neighbourhoods: reducing waste, promoting sustainable consumption and cutting energy usage through innovative technologies.

Supporting local projects

We work with initiatives and charities, sharing expertise with their founders, supporting volunteer efforts, and investing in plans that will have long-term benefits to the local area.

Birds-eye-view of a GLP logistics centre under construction surrounded by complete GLP logistics centres.

Magna Park Lutterworth has been developed by GLP since 1988. It is regarded as a benchmark for environment, infrastructure, job creation and customer care.

Magna Park Lutterworth currently accounts for more than 20% of all employment in Leicestershire’s Harborough District. The completed development will generate as many as 5,800 more jobs, an additional estimated £12.4 million annually in business rates for the district, and will be the home of the UK’s first dedicated logistics institute of technology.


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The Centre for Logistics, Education and Research, a red-brick building in a field surrounded by trees.

The Centre for Logistics, Education and Research (CLEAR) was lauched in 2022, and is located at Bittesby house, Magna Park North Lutterworth.

CLEAR will create training pathways of progression for new entrants and established talent alike, and develop technologically advanced approaches to benefit the distribution and logistics industry.

This unique research, innovation, education and training facility is the first of its kind in the UK, and will maintain Leicestershire’s position as the European leader in logistics.

Read our ESG Report 2022

Whenever we build and manage a development, we become proud members of the local community. Learn how we apply our ESG policy and its sustainability principles to benefit the people on our sites and neighbouring residents.

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