Warehouse in Zevenaar, surrounded by green spaces.

Zevenaar is located in the Arnhem / Nijmegen region in the east of the Netherlands and is part of larger logistic area known as Logistics Valley, connecting the two main ports in the Netherlands (Port of Rotterdam and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol) with the German Rhine-Ruhr valley.  

Over the recent years, this area has been in the top 15 of logistic hotspots within the Netherlands (ranked by logistics platform Logistiek.nl). This platform consists of 27 independent experts, including logistic real estate developers, brokers, location consultants, logistic service providers, comparing the various regions on multiple criteria.

Main advantage of the region is the close proximity to the German Ruhr area and its location along the main transport routes connecting Rotterdam and Amsterdam to the European hinterland. 

Inside of empty warehouse in Zevenaar.

G-Park Zevenaar is located at business park 7Poort in Zevenaar along the main transport corridors connecting Rotterdam and Amsterdam to the European markets with the Rurh area as the most important destination.

The business park offers a variety in plots. Within a 20 kilometer range approximately one million customers and approximately 50,000 companies are located. The accessibility of business park 7Poort is excellent as it profits from multi-modal connections, road, rail and water, which makes it a desirable logistics location.

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