The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated that our industrial
and logistics facilities are a key part of the nation’s critical
national infrastructure.
Alongside our supply chains, they support other important
and growing sections of a strong economy and the way we live
our lives by ensuring we have what we need at the right time.
They are as crucial as the roads, rail, airport and port facilities
needed to move goods around the country.
The sector also generates significant economic benefits
supporting increasing numbers of high-quality jobs across the
English regions. A thriving industrial and logistics sector is
therefore critical to the government delivering on its
ambitions to ‘level up’ across the UK with over 70% of demand
for industrial and logistics space in the North of England and
the Midlands.
Enabling the sector to reach its full potential is essential to the
government’s aspirations to address regional inequalities but
our planning system remains a barrier and is restricting
growth in the sector by not allocating enough land in
appropriate locations. If the industrial and logistics sector is
to play its full part in levelling up, it is vital that we create…

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