Safe Battery Storage

Demand for electric vehicles is changing the automotive industry and as a consequence, there is accelerating global demand for the supply and safe storage of lithium-ion batteries.

We understand the complexities and unique challenges that these facilities require as well as the storage guidelines that battery manufacturers provide. We integrate all of these requirements into our bespoke design solution ensuring that each facility we build is delivered to the highest standard and is specifically unique to the customer requirements.

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GLP real-life safety

Lithium-ion batteries are heavy, expensive and are sensitive to both temperature and humidity. Batteries need to be stored in a dedicated environment that’s purpose-built for the task.

GLP is a global leader in logistics real estate with a long heritage and proven track record as a developer, operator and asset owner with one of the largest logistics footprints in the world. We understand how important it is to design safe and secure buildings, specifically to meet these demands and have experience in delivering these facilities across the world.

Technical highlights

Every building we design and build for battery storage is dedicated to each customer and is unique for every location. We use non-combustible building materials in the building shell to ensure that the buildings are as safe as possible.

We apply rigorous testing methodology to all our materials that are specified and our onsite safety standards are second to none.

Case Study - Elflein E-Mobility Logistik

At the Stuttgart-Süd I site, Elflein carries out the logistics handling of lithium-ion batteries, their components and the operation of a test laboratory for a major German car manufacturer. Approximately 50 employees work on site.

The immediate availability of the logistics warehouse, proximity to the automotive production lines and the modern high-performance sprinkler system were the decisive reasons for leasing the building.

Stuttgart, Germany

Development Size:
28,089 sq m

Delivered May 2019

Case Study - Clarios

Clarios is a global leader in vehicle energy storage solutions and producer of the renowned Varta brand. Clarios supplies batteries to a large number of customers around the world, including BMW, Daimler, Ford, and Renault.

In order to meet increasing demand for electric vehicles and lithium-ion batteries worldwide, Clarios required a new battery storage facility in the Czech Republic. The project is LEED v4 certified, which means it meets the highest sustainability and environmental requirements.

The building is designed according to the standard issued by FM Global insurance company, providing for the HPR (highly protected risk) level of risk protection. The facility complies with Facility Security Requirements under the Standards made by TAPA Transported Asset Protection Association, C level.

> Use of recycled rain water in the toilets
> Increased fire resistance of walls to contain and prevent any spread of fire
> Flaps installed into the dock doors to prevent the leakage of contaminated fire water

Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic

Development Size:
22,115 sq m

Delivered February 2019

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