Our first building of the the GLP OAXIS logistics park was created with the aim of meeting the demand for surface area for logistics and distribution activities in the city. This is a speculative project located on the M-40 ring road, between the main axes of the south of the central area.


Key Points

This building not only offers GLP’s outstanding construction standards but the entire construction process and materials sourcing will be carried out under the Net Zero Carbon vision.



Located in the Villaverde neighborhood, the facilities are conveniently connected to the A-42, M-40 and M-30 highways. In addition, the entire logistics park is close to various public transport lines, which makes it easier for employees to get to the warehouses.


With a built area of 26,368 sqm, the building is divisible into 3 modules of 6,740 sqm.

Its high construction and ESG standards, focused on people, business, community and sustainability, make this building eligible for BREEAM Excellent, BREEAM Urbanism and Net Zero environmental certification.

This first building, like the other buildings in our park, has independent accesses for private vehicles and trucks, with all offices having safe access from the parking area and not interfering with heavy vehicles access.