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62,570 m²
Available Q2 2024


GLP Park Tours

GLP Park Tours is the latest extension of the industrial urban development zone known as „Porte de Touraine,“ situated in Autrèche (37110). As such, it will benefit from an enhanced road infrastructure and services specifically established for the area.

The site boasts an excellent accessibility via the departmental road RD31 and is situated in close proximity to the national highway N10, with convenient access to Exit #18 of the A10 motorway located just 1 kilometer away from the site. This direct access positions it strategically to serve the entire region, including the Paris-Tours-Bordeaux corridor, facilitating national distribution.




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Le Mans

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  • A10 – Exit n°18 (1 km from the site)
  • Accessible via the RD31 and N10 roads

Public transport:

  • Bus stop „La Rivonnerie“, TA line „Château Renault – Autrèche“

Railway stations:

  •  Tours or Saint-Pierre-des-Corps at 30 km (TGV high-speed train)
  •  Vendôme at 20 km (TGV high-speed train)
Map of GLP park tours.



The region had a long-term employment rate of 60.4% at the end of the second semester 2021.

More than 50% of jobseekers are looking for a permanent job. 12.2% of jobseekers looking for a permanent job are looking for work in the transport and logistics sector, which equates to approximately 13,000 jobseekers in the region.


The department benefits from strong business creation dynamics, with a rate that has doubled in 10 years to reach 39,731 businesses in 2021.

Many companies are already established in the region, including: Kuehne+Nagel, XPO Transport, Auchan, Géodis, and Michelin.

An appropriate configuration

  • A judicious layout of fire doors for smooth circulation and optimized storage areas,
  • A clear height of 12 meters,
  • Auto-docks to preserve the preparation area,
  • LED lighting for better user comfort.

A secure site

  • A guard post and a waiting area for driver control,
  • Mesh fencing throughout the site and parking areas, 2 meters high
  • Separate traffic lanes for trucks and cars,
  • Vehicle access controlled by rising barriers and sliding gates,
  • Access doors and turnstiles equipped with electromagnetic suction cups,
  • Automatic LED lighting in the auto-docks,
  • Secured and locked rooftop access.
Rows of solar panels.

A site certified BREEAM Excellent

Sustainable excellence 

As part of its commitment to the environment, GLP implements sustainable and resilient measures throughout the building cycle. GLP Park Autrèche will be an ultra-modern warehouse targeting BREEAM Very Good green certification rating.  

  • Green spaces: 30% of land
  • Wellness area
  • Net zero carbon heating system (heat pumps)
  • Zero fossil energy in operation (excluding sprinkler)
  • 16 car parking spaces equipped with electric charging stations per office block, totaling 32 spaces (power 7.3 kW) + 10 pre-equipped spaces per office block
  • LED lights with presence detection,
  • A Photovoltaic system on the roof, selling excess energy to the grid from 9 out of 10 cells, with a capacity of 4.9 MWp, equivalent to the consumption of 1,100 households, and avoiding 283 tons of CO2 per year,
  • One cell available for a self-consumption solar power project.
  • Taps with presence sensor and limited flow
  • Presence sensors in office corridors
  • High-performance insulation
  • Locally sourced vegetation
  • Reversible air conditioning for offices
  • Twilight clock for outdoor lighting
  • Building management system
  • Phytoremediation

An environment promoting the well-being of the staff

  • Natural light intake (4% from the roof + continuous strip along the facade),
  • High-quality treatment of offices and locker rooms,
  • Outdoor relaxation space,
  • Outdoor sports equipment area,
  • A daycare center and a restaurant will be opening to the area of Porte de Touraine.

Careful landscaping integration

  • Landscaping treatment of the site in favor of biodiversity,
  • Creation of hedgerows to provide shelter for wildlife,
  • Phytoremediation basins for the treatment of on-site road runoff,
  • Planting of fruit trees,
  • Installation of shelters for small fauna (insects, lizards, bats, etc.),
  • Installation of beehives to promote pollination,
  • Creation of landscaped retention basins to minimize visual impact.



Gilles Petit, Asset Management Director

Gilles Petit

Asset Management Director - France

+33 6 22 84 68 25

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