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We’re on a mission to create an environment where customers’ businesses can prosper and employees enjoy coming to work.
G-Plus — an initiative from GLP.

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Managing Assets

Our team are committed to helping you run your business as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

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Transport links are the lifeblood of every logistics business. All our sites are more connected and more accessible, with superb strategic locations and unrivalled transport connectivity.

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Our logistics and distribution developments are carefully constructed and managed to create a great place to work.

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We believe that employees who are happy and fulfilled are more likely to contribute to the success of your business.

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We are committed to investing in the communities in which we operate and collaborating with local organisations.

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Our Parks

Explore some of our sites in Europe to learn more about how we build environments that work for you.

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We believe in the power of building a community


  • Local school partnerships
  • Charity bike ride
  • Community liaison group
  • Designated estate management
  • Park radio station
  • Dedicated park website
  • Training academy (CLEAR)
  • Community fund
  • Local business partnerships
  • Community fun day
  • Honouring local heritage
  • Local supply chain initiatives
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  • Public transport
  • Liftshare scheme
  • Parking spaces
  • Bike shelters
  • Fast car charging (EV)
  • Onsite parking controls
  • Cycle paths
  • Lorry park
  • Efficient operating conditions
  • Shuttle bus
  • Electric truck charging (EV)
  • Exceptional transport links
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  • Running routes
  • Country park
  • Footpaths and bridleways
  • Fishing lake
  • Life saving AED equipment
  • Open-air gym
  • Outdoor amenity areas
  • Football pitch
  • Nature trail


  • Attractive working environment
  • Quality office fitout
  • Modern boardroom space
  • Tree planting
  • LED lighting
  • Natural lighting
  • High levels of biodiversity
  • Bees, apiaries & honey production
  • Pedestrian safe walking
  • Low-density development
  • Global Robotics Services
  • Maintained landscape
  • Tiny forest
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Managing assets

  • Property helpline
  • Staff & building security
  • Safe working environments
  • Dedicated CCTV
  • Guard house
  • Automated building controls
  • Maintained private roads
  • Prominent signage
  • Well maintained buildings
  • Access control
  • Fire safety
  • Flexible building design
  • Environmental performance
  • Smart metering
  • Grey water systems
  • Renewable energy

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