Real estate and technology are becoming increasingly interconnected, improving the performance and productivity of our customers’ logistics operations

GLP is dedicated to investing and developing innovative new technologies and services that enhance our customer businesses and assets by making them smarter and more efficient.

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We are pleased to provide a new innovative platform for customers constantly seeking to improve the productivity of their logistics operations through robotics.

E-commerce is putting an increasing pressure on traditional sorting methods and the need today is to automate as much as possible processes to drive efficiencies and to keep up with demand.

GRS offers a solution that gives customers access to the benefits of robotics through an innovative subscription model, offering the flexibility of a pay-as-you-go solution, and avoiding any CAPEX expenditure.

GRS (Global Robotics Services) is an innovative platform providing collaborative robotics as a service (RaaS) solutions. The subscription-based model of RaaS creates lower upfront capital requirements, reduced fixed costs and flexible lease terms which helps bridge the automation gap for many small to mid-size enterprises. A full package of services including consulting, implementation, maintenance, systems and robotics upgrading can all be provided as part of this service.

RaaS also provides customers the ability to scale up and down rapidly and easily in response to changing market conditions or seasonal demand such as Christmas and Black Friday.

GRS’s solutions have been implemented on logistics sites across Asia and North America, and have proven that Robotics as a Service (RaaS) helps the logistics industry to overcome the barrier of uncertainty and accelerates the adoption of automation.

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RaaS solution can significantly lower the barrier of automation investment

It’s challenging for all logistics operators to rely on large-scale labour and compete for future

Automation is critical to optimize warehousing and logistic efficiency

A suite of automation innovation is already making scale-adoption feasible

Exclusive RaaS partnership with leading robotics companies gives GRS a unique edge

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