GLP, a leading investor and developer of logistics warehouses and distribution parks, is pioneering another sustainable solution in its Polish buildings: smog-absorbing concrete. A pilot project was implemented at GLP Wroclaw IV Logistics Centre, where special paving stones produced by Libet help to purify the air from harmful substances.


A part of the car park area at GLP Wroclaw IV Logistics Centre has recently been paved with smog-absorbing paving stones. Its manufacturer, Libet, uses a special component containing titanium dioxide. When exposed to sunlight, it reduces the level of harmful nitrogen oxide particles in the air, which are produced by exhaust fumes and other sources, by over a third. Nitrogen oxide is dissolved to harmless ions, which are then washed away by precipitation. This also removes persistent dirt covering the surface of the pavement such as aerosols, grease, oil and particulate matter.

GLP Wroclaw IV Logistics Centre is located within the city boundaries of Wroclaw, meeting the requirements of companies that need easy access to a modern road network to distribute their products to the local, national and international market. In particular, it is home to automotive suppliers such as Gestamp and Dongshin. The site also includes an office space.

This is not the only solution at GLP Wroclaw IV Logistics Centre that aligns the development with the corporate ESG strategy. Users of the three buildings can reduce energy consumption, including through additional daylighting provided by skylights in the ceiling. The park is also home to GLP’s first urban beehive in Poland.

Magdalena Warzyńska, Property Manager at GLP who oversees the logistics centre, said: “Our clients increasingly take environmental protection and employee well-being into account. This informs how they adjust supply chains and use infrastructure that allows them to reduce carbon emissions and reach sustainable development goals. It is with them and local communities in mind that we’re eager to use such innovative technologies.“