The 29,000 SQM logistics park demonstrates successful integration with the natural surroundings of the Anoia region.

GLP continues to advance its commitment to environmental responsibility in its G-Park Masquefa project, located outside Barcelona.

The building, due to be delivered in Q4 2023, is targeting BREEAM Excellent certification. To achieve this goal, a thorough study of the interdependence between the building and its surroundings has been carried out, with the intention of integrating it harmoniously into its natural environment. This has led to the creation of a palette of green tones to blend into the landscape of the Anoia region.

A further study has been carried out to minimise earthworks, proof of which is the car park, which is at a higher level than the ground level of the building. Two natural springs were also rerouted to maintain the hydrology of the surrounding area.

During the construction phase, priority was given to the use of recyclable and recycled materials, as well as locally sourced materials. This not only minimises environmental impact but also supports the local economy. The building is also designed to feature photovoltaic systems, which will boost the generation of clean energy to the local grid.

Preservation of the natural environment: a key issue for GLP

In terms of wildlife, GLP, in collaboration with the local authorities, carefully relocated an existing natural amphibian pond, increasing its area by more than 200% and providing a habitat for species to thrive. This pond was originally filled with water from an underground mine and served as a refuge for protected species of amphibians, including the common frog, the common spadefoot toad and the common spiny toad.

A new two-level pond with a surface area of 120 SQM was built, transferring the amphibians to the Amphibian and Reptile Recovery Centre of Catalonia (CRARC). This pond will also serve as a scientific monitoring point for amphibian species in Catalonia, with regular laboratory tests to assess their state of health.

Additional green areas have been created on the site’s perimeters to plant indigenous vines, contributing to the preservation of local biodiversity. GLP has established a partnership with the City Council to maintain surrounding vineyards, as well as creating a viewpoint and recreational area to benefit the local community.

In future, replicating the G-OLD initiative of G-Park Valls, G-Park Masquefa will aim to produce a cava from local grapes with a non-profit approach. This will be offered to customers, collaborators, and partners as a gesture of gratitude and collaboration with the local community, thus strengthening ties with local cooperatives and producers.

Positive impact on employment generation in the area

The involvement of the local community is an essential component of the project. GLP works closely with the authorities to establish agreements with disadvantaged groups, providing opportunities on a regional level. The project will generate employment and strengthen the industrial fabric of the region, creating qualified jobs and economic development.

Óscar Heras, Director of GLP Spain, concludes: “G-Park Masquefa represents a clear example of how sustainability, collaboration with the local community and economic development can coexist in a large-scale logistics project. GLP remains committed to its vision of a more sustainable and prosperous future for all, and we are proud to be a leader in ESG in the logistics industry.”



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