Putting Customers First: A Paradigm for Excellence

In an increasingly competitive business landscape, customer-centricity has evolved from a mere buzzword to a fundamental business strategy across industries; logistics real estate is no exception.  

As the built environment becomes a pivotal factor in shaping operational efficiency, sustainability, and employee well-being, GLP continues to put customers first when it comes to design and develop logistics sites that will drive operational success and efficiency well into the future. 

We take this commitment seriously, and continuously solicit and analyze customer feedback to guide our development and investment strategy. We are delighted to share some of the insights that we have gained from our 2023 customer survey. 87% of our customers are either satisfied or very satisfied with GLP as a developer and landlord, yet there are lessons to be taken from this to maintain this level of excellence and ensure that even more customers are satisfied in the years to come.  

The Significance of the Built Environment 

The built environment, encompassing the physical structures and spaces where businesses operate, plays a crucial role in shaping operational efficacy and fostering growth. For logistics real estate developers, the challenge lies in creating spaces that seamlessly integrate functionality, innovation, and sustainability. 

Our customers like the functionality of our buildings and their locations; these criteria received the highest scores in the survey (respectively 4.02 and 4.28 out of 5), highlighting our commitment to creating environments that align with clients’ unique operational needs. 

Nick Cook, President – Europe, says, “The designs of our facilities are meticulously planned to optimize operational workflows, providing our clients with spaces that facilitate efficiency while embracing sustainable practices”. 

Sustainability as a Cornerstone 

Sustainability has transcended its status as a mere “nice-to-have” and has emerged as a key driving force in logistics real estate. We recognize the long-term benefits of integrating eco-friendly practices into our projects, reflected in our net-zero construction projects, energy efficient facilities and GLP Clean Energy, our subsidiary company focused on the renewable energy transition. 

Customers see renewable energy as an opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce energy costs at the same time, helping to support their operations.  

Energy savings and renewable energy are the main topics of interest in our survey, with more than 70% of respondents quoting it as their main concern and, with 99% of respondents declaring to be transitioning to clean energy, our increased investment into sustainable practises has proven to be predictive of a wider market trend.  

“At GLP, we believe that sustainable development is not just an option but an imperative. Our initiatives in using renewable energy sources, incorporating green building materials, and implementing waste reduction strategies highlight our dedication to both our clients and the environment,” remarks Natali Cooper, Managing Director and Head of Portfolio & Asset Management and ESG. 

Customer Service Through Active Asset Management 

Putting customers first goes beyond the initial transaction. It involves a commitment to ongoing customer service through active asset management. This includes ensuring that the spaces provided are well-maintained, technologically advanced, and continually optimized to meet evolving business needs. 

96.4% of our customers are either satisfied or very satisfied with the professionalism of the GLP teams they interact with: responsiveness and accessibility are the key drivers of customer satisfaction here.  

“Our commitment to our clients doesn’t end when they move into their new facilities. We pride ourselves on offering proactive asset management services that keep our clients’ operations running smoothly. From regular maintenance to technological upgrades, we are their partners in success,” affirms Mike Radcliffe, Asset Management Director – Europe. 

Fostering Employee Well-being: Transport and Facilities 

An often-overlooked aspect of customer-centric development in the logistics sector is the well-being of the employees who operate within these spaces. The provision of efficient transportation options and employee-friendly facilities can significantly impact workforce satisfaction and productivity, leading to more cohesive and more efficient operations. 

Employee well-being was the third most mentioned practice by our customers and has been a focus of our placemaking over the last few years. Our efforts to increase the quality of premises for employees as well as customers shows – 42% of our customers have seen an increase in their number of employees, with only 5% having reduced in number.  

“Understanding that employees are the backbone of any successful business, we ensure that our developments include modern amenities and accessible transportation options. A happy and comfortable workforce translates to improved efficiency for our clients,” states Gwyn Stubbings, Planning Director. 


In the dynamic landscape of logistics real estate development, putting customers first is not just a slogan but a philosophy that drives every facet of the business. Embarking on a business journey with a logistics real estate developer and investor involves more than just a lease negotiation. It is a partnership built on trust, communication, and shared goals, so knowing the customer only brings better service. 

From designing sustainable facilities to providing ongoing asset management services, the focus on customers ensures that the developer’s success is intricately intertwined with the success of their clients. As we continue to build and shape the spaces where businesses thrive, the mantra of “Putting Customers First” remains at the heart of our endeavours, ensuring a brighter and more prosperous future for all. 


Headshot of Florian, wearing a suit.
Florian Wnuck, Head of Business Development