GLP has grown its operating portfolio in Spain to 490,000 SQM. GLP continues to set the standard in the Spanish logistics sector thanks to its distinctive approach and commitment to quality, sustainability and community.

GLP Spain currently has assets strategically located throughout the country. Its facilities are located in Catalonia (Santa Perpetua, Constantí, Vilanova, Valls and Masquefa), Valencia (Sagunto), Castilla-La Mancha (Illescas and Guadalajara) and Madrid (Getafe, Pinto and Villaverde). These assets, which total 492,000 SQM, provide high-quality warehouse space to logistics operators and end customers from various sectors that require storage solutions and production components.

As of September 2023, GLP has 181,000 SQM of projects under development across Spain.

Since entering the Spanish market, GLP has placed a strong emphasis on excellence in the design and construction of its buildings, which significantly differentiates GLP in the market. Its properties excel in multiple construction and design aspects, such as high-quality insulation, seamless floors, optimised structural grid design, rainwater drainage systems, modern offices, landscaped outdoor spaces, along with on-site trailer parking, secure parking for private vehicles and ample manoeuvring areas.

In addition to its focus on quality and innovation, GLP Spain is also committed to sustainability and benefitting the local community. GLP’s ESG policies are seen as a benchmark in the field of logistics and industrial warehouses.

Looking ahead, GLP Spain will focus on OAXIS (Villaverde), Getafe, Illescas and Masquefa, which will be available early next year. The company also has expansion plans, including in areas such as Valencia and Barcelona.

Óscar Heras, Director of GLP Spain, commented: „True to the GLP spirit, we continue to evolve our products in Spain with careful consideration of the future needs of the market and with the intention of continuing to set benchmarks for logistics. Our new projects will set new standards in areas such as sustainability, innovation and the wellbeing of the people and communities where we operate, taking into account the new demands in automation, energy efficiency and new technologies, with an underlying focus on quality across all areas.”



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