GLP Product Guide Market Leading Build Proposition

We have been a leading investor, owner and manager of prime logistics real estate for more than 30 years.

The GLP Product Guide is designed to help our customers visualise our market leading GLP building proposition – operationally efficient design, quality of product and sustainable approach all contained within a secure delivery model.

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European Design Guide Adapting to your needs

GLP has created a guide for our customers to visualise how their building would look, feel and adapt to their specific needs in Europe, offering high design solutions planned around Sustainability, Wellbeing and Technology with the promise of GLP buildings quality and aesthetic standards.

Our European Design Guide has been conceived to help all stakeholders defining their own responses to the current fast-paced logistics market, where the need for flexibility and constant innovation shape every step of the journey.

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Refrigerated Logistics Design Guide

At GLP, our experience and expertise as business builders and operators gives our team a distinct competitive advantage to build and scale smart logistics ecosystems for our customers and investors.
We are a market and thought leader in logistics real estate with a focus on identifying and implementing technologies that will create more efficient and smarter logistics solutions that support our customers.

With the unprecedented growth in food and pharmaceutical distribution we anticipate a global increase in demand for Chilled and Refrigerated Logistics solutions.

GLP have responded to that trend with the creation of a dedicated Chilled and Refrigeration team who aim to be the trusted partner of choice for our global customers. In this special report, we consider the options for Chilled and Refrigerated Logistics solutions, looking at how existing ambient facilities can be converted, and the principal factors that should be considered when constructing new facilities.

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