The Gazeley Bee Hotel has had a cracking start to the season – we have harvested a bumper crop of canola honey from the hives already this May. The hives have exceeded our expectations and yielded an enormous 24kg of raw honey already. Often at this stage in Spring we would expect much less honey, but due to fantastic weather and very productive honeybee colonies we’ve started this year with a bang.


A happy coincidence of Andre checking the hives whilst Graeme Munro conducted an induction of the MK site meant we were able to give a first hand introduction to the G-Hive bee hotel to many Gazeley folk – they even managed to taste the honey directly from the frames.

We expect a gap in honey production in June due to less crops flowering locally – Andre will continue managing the colonies to prevent swarms and keep the honeybees comfortable in their new environment. We’re extremely pleased with the colonies progress so far and are looking forward to a bountiful Summer ahead.
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