London, UK, June 20, 2024 –  Ada Infrastructure, a global leader in sustainable digital infrastructure and the data center platform of GLP Capital Partners (“GCP”), was awarded a resolution to grant planning from the Newham Strategic Development Committee to deliver one of London’s largest data center campuses. As Ada’s flagship development in the United Kingdom, the 210 MW Docklands data center campus is designed for sustainability, safety, security, and to meet emerging AI workloads.

Jennifer Weitzel, President of Ada Infrastructure, expressed her enthusiasm for the project: “This new data center development embodies our commitment to driving positive change through the use of sustainable technology and materials, a robust environmental, health and safety program, and an ongoing investment in the communities in which we work and live. In addition to collaborating with local partners to provide job training and employment opportunities, the project’s future-ready design, including energy-efficient systems, net positive landscaping, and strict physical and cybersecurity protocols, will set new standards for safe and sustainable development in the age of AI.”

Nick Cook, President, GCP Europe, added, “We are delighted to see our vision for a large-scale data center come to life at Docklands. We will continue to leverage our significant footprint across Europe to support the growth of our data center and clean energy strategies.”

Robert De Jong, Director at the Royal Docks Centre for Sustainability at the University of East London (UEL), commented on the positive impact of the development to the community: “We are pleased to note the significant public realm improvements that will be of huge benefit to those who live, work and study in the local area, as a result of the new data campus. These proposals are highly sustainable, in line with UEL’s own values, and have evolved to improve the design and architectural approach, as well as enhancing access to public space and the Thames River.”

The development, which includes three 70 MW data center buildings and a community multi-purpose facility, is sustainably designed to achieve a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating. The data center buildings feature innovative energy solutions including air and liquid cooling systems that operate without water evaporation, usage of low-carbon building materials, and provisions for a district heating system interconnection. The campus is engineered to be ‘AI ready’ from day one, capable of adapting to the intensive power and cooling requirements of hyperscale AI applications.

The multi-purpose facility will be available to the community for job training programs to enhance local opportunities and foster careers across the digital infrastructure and technology sectors, reflecting Ada’s commitment to enriching communities by creating educational and career opportunities in cutting-edge technology fields.  The new development will significantly enhance the public spaces around the site, including improved pathways for pedestrians and cyclists along the Thames River.

Investor Contact:

Craig Duffy, GLP Capital Partners

Global Head of Fund Management

[email protected]


Media Contact:

Pamela Garibaldi, Ada Infrastructure
Senior Vice President, Marketing, Communications & ESG

[email protected]