An unbeatable location for capillary distribution

Located in the heart of southern Madrid, the seventh GLP development in the centre of the peninsula will provide the capital with 22,268 square metres of logistics space built on a plot of 35,118 square metres.

The warehouse will have a façade on the A-4 and will be located less than 3 kilometres from the M-50, one of the main ring roads of the capital. In this sense, the building will be ideal for e-commerce, capillary distribution and proximity logistics.

The asset, with a maximum storage height of 12.2 metres and multiple satellite infrastructures, will be available for occupation from the first quarter of 2024.


Just over 20 minutes from the centre of the capital, and a few kilometres from the M-30, M-40, M-45, and M-50, this asset offers an excellent location that makes it the ideal candidate for corporate headquarters.

With the façade facing the A-4, this project is not only synonymous with accessibility, but also with visibility from one of the main national arteries.

Getafe is a municipality that favours logistics activity and is the most dynamic for local distribution in Madrid.

Nearby Locations



19.3km (25 mins drive)


A-4 Motorway

2 mins drive


Madrid Airport

25km (20 mins drive)


M-30 Motorway

13km (8mins drive)


M-40 Motorway

10km (6 mins drive)


M-45 Motorway

8 km (5 mins drive)


M-50 Motorway

11.5km (7 mins drive)

ESG Features

Monitoring of energy use

Our online energy dashboard can help customers to proactively manage their consumption.

Operational improvements

We use high quality materials and sustainable initiatives to add value and save on the bottom line by reducing operating costs.

Overcoming the requirements

Quality standards higher than the market average, with optimized structure for corridors, high-strength and planimetric floor slabs, and triple rainwater drainage systems.

Reduction of water use

Reduction of water use through low consumption sanitary appliances (taps, WCs and showers).

Optimisation of the use of natural daylight

The optimisation of lighting allows us to improve the use of resources and obtain significant energy and economic savings.

Recycled and recyclable materials

Our initiatives contribute to a greener world and offer a range of benefits to our customers and sommunities.

We are committed to GLP’s environmental, social and governance standards, which is why we share our solutions and designs, and strive for excellence in social responsibility, environmental and governance excellence in every project. We face a common challenge in our collective mission to reduce and, one day, reverse the impact our activities have on the environment.


✓ Efficient energy consumption.

✓ Maintaining resources to prevent pollution.

✓ Promoting green buildings through sustainable design to reduce environmental impact.


✓ Achieving customer loyalty and satisfaction.

✓ Supporting community development.

✓ Attracting and retaining talent.


✓ Innovation as a key to sustainable business growth over time.

✓ High standards of business ethics.

✓Continuous improvement in communication and transparency.


✓ BREEAM Excellent as a minimum.

Carbon Footprint Analysis

✓ Carbon footpring reduction analysis of our developments, including choice of suppliers.

Miguel Monreal

Senior Development Director - Spain

+34 607 183 492

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